Burning – One day workshop

How to make a luxurious fabric using all the sheers from your ‘Bits Bag’, creating an original textured piece for use in a variety of ways.

All the fabrics used in this workshop need to be polyester and ‘meltable’ – except the Base, which needs to be a pure wool blanket felt.  Size cut to suit.

The Base will be over-layed with all types of coloured polyester chopped into small bits.  This will be covered with a hand dyed voile.

The piece will be machine stitched and then the pattern will be burned through using a soldering iron.

Equipment List:

Square of blanket felt (pure wool) approx 18″ x 18″
Bag of mixed polyester fabric bits
Square of polyester voile
Machine metallic threads

Sewing machine
Sewing kit
Soldering iron

Please email or phone 01252 793118 for more information, costings and dates.


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